Sunday, September 16, 2001

this is where you learn interesting things about him and you can see what's on our minds. the bold and the beautiful deserves it!
-nuriko's lisence plate says"61-10"
-nuriko is a secret agent when he is reincarnated
-nuriko is both big brother and best friend type person to miaka
-nuriko's real name "ryuuen" means beautiful willow
-he has a yellow convertable
-he is never really sad, or never shows it
-he looks better in a dress than most girls
-he created a drink
-he has a holiday....."willow day. march 10 devoted to dressing in drag and purple"
-he loves both miaka and hotohori(gay, bi, or strait?)
-he has his own comic..."yukiyasha den"
-he is super strong

NURIKO-"you forgot super beautiful!!!! Hi minna-san! this is my lovely blog with yani-chan! welcome to it....I am no shriking violet so if you want to you should worship me like the beauty i am. How i may sound conceited i am not...hotohori-sama has enough of that. Later i will list site that are with me and an email to reach me and chat on my adventures, loves, and everything else that mayinterest you....
ja ne minna -san!

celebrate willow day.

love nuriko